A good night’s rest: sleep tips for nervous brides-to-be

We’re officially in wedding season now, and if you’re a nervous bride-to-be, you’ll no doubt be finding it hard to switch off from the preparation and anxiety that can come with planning your big day.

Three quarters of us fail to get a good night’s sleep – and throwing a wedding into the equation can really knock our sleeping pattern out, as sleep therapist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explained.

“A bride in particular can find it really hard to switch off, you’re just about to enter one of the most important relationships and do one of the most important things in your life, so not surprisingly that anxiety and stress and anticipation can affect your sleep. That’ll put your adrenaline levels up and that’ll stop you going to sleep.

“Many brides-to-be will also go to bed thinking ‘I hope everything goes alright tomorrow, have I done this, have I done that?”

Dr Ramlakhan continued: “And another thing that can set you up for a bad night’s sleep is thinking ‘I must get a good night’s sleep tonight, I must sleep well so I look good the next day’. Trying too hard to sleep can set you up for a bad night’s sleep.”

But there are a few measures brides-to-be can take to make sure when they settle down for the night they actually manage to drift off.

Firstly, I If you are lying and can’t nod off, get up, go to another room, get a bit of paper and write down any worries in your mind. Then go back to  bed, get comfy and take the pressure off thinking you need to get a good night’s sleep - just relax.

Research from Silentnight shows 80 per cent of people sleep better if in a new bed or mattress, so it might be worth considering splashing out on a new bed if you find your sleep is often disturbed. If your bed is just right then you should get a good rest. Also remember a good night’s rest is much better than you lying trying desperately to get to sleep - so don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Dr Ramlakhan also often advises patients to imagine they are an animal burrowing into down into bed, which is a great way to help get cosy and comfy and settle down.

Finally, as you drift off to sleep, close your eyes and think about all the wonderful things you’re looking forward to. A wedding is  supposed to be good fun, after all!

“It might be seeing a certain person at your wedding the next day or walking on the beach on your honeymoon,” Dr Ramlakhan explained. “Just try to think of as many positive things that you’re looking forward to, and before you know it you’ll be drifting off to sleep."


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