Nudists on Kate and William’s doorstep

Cheeky view: Kate and William's naked neighbours
Cheeky view: Kate and William's naked neighbours

Nudists are campaigning to claim a beach near Prince William and Kate’s home as an official site.

Scenic Newborough Beach on Anglesey could soon become full of some interesting sights if the naturists get their way.

The official nudists body British Naturism says the move would benefit tourism.

But local politicians say peeping toms climbing up trees for a better look would become a menace.

Councillor Peter Rogers told The Sun: “It would be better either for them (the nudists) to be banned or, if they are going to be there anyway, for there to be proper regulation.

"In other words either stop it or have a properly controlled part of the beach for them, which might benefit the local economy.

"It's not the nudists who are really the problem but the people who go and watch them from the trees."

British Naturism commercial manager Andrew Welch added: "It takes away the hassle factor because a lot of people see naturism as illegal.

"Naturism isn't against the law; you can't legislate about what someone wears."

Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 it is not an offence to be naked in public in England and Wales. It is an offence in Scotland, however.


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