The style file: Scotland’s hottest designers showcase latest collections

Scotland is attracting huge attention from the world of fashion just now, and it’s not hard to see why, considering the wealth of talent which has either hailed from the country, is or is based there today.

Some of the hottest designers on the scene - Di Gilpin, William Chambers, Marc Ross and Emily Lamb from the Design Collective Scotland - recently teamed up to showcase their latest collections at a glitzy event in Glasgow recently, held at the city’s Rox jewellers.

Stylist Chris Hunt was particularly impressed with what he saw, and told about his favourite pieces from the event.

Chris said: “The leathers and spikes were really, really good, there were a couple of outfits from Marc Ross, I’ll definitely be calling in for my next shoot. I particularly liked the use of colour and some of the lighter wear fabrics. I really liked him popping in a bit of swimwear, it’s really good to see a Scottish designer taking that on board.”

Chris added: “Some of Emily’s [Lamb’s] shoes, the fluorescent pink I thought was really good fun, and she always brings a really good sense of character to her designs which is great.

”Then there’s Di Gilpin, who I adore, with her hand kits and her really specialised techniques, which obviously have quite a commercial application long-term.

"I think it’s really a case of watch this space with a lot of them.”

Shoe designer Emily Lamb – who counts none other than Shirley Bassey among her fans – also told about the inspiration behind her latest collection.

“With my designs in particular there’s a lot of hot colours, hot fuschia pinks, nice emerald greens, lot of crystals, transparent PVC. Just a whole mix of different materials.

”The whole collection was inspired by a very Mediterranean look, hot summer in the Mediterranean, that’s how I pictured it.”

Emily added: “[My shoes] are very classical; the idea was, and still is whenever I’m designing a pair of shoes, I want them to be timeless. I don’t see the point in spending a horrific amount on a pair of shoes that aren’t going to last and are going to go out of fashion.The idea is that they’ll last you forever if you take care of them; they’re well made and timeless.”


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