British cat leads rescuer to abandoned kittens

A British cat, who was thrown from a car in Cambridge stunned the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) when she directed one of their workers to her litter of abandoned kittens.

After a concerned passerby found Jolie the moggy and called the ogranisation, it was clear she had recently given birth and while the immediate priority was nursing her back to health, RSPCA inspector Jon Knight was also anxious to find the newborn kittens.

He said: "I had taken her back to the location she had been picked up at so that she could get back to her kittens. But it was such a rural area, I had little hope of finding them myself.

"When she started to get really vocal at first I thought she was calling to the kittens, but then it became clear that she was actually calling to me!

"I began to follow her and she took me through the rear garden, across a ploughed field and into a farm yard.

"There is absolutely no way I would have found these kittens without this cat's help. She was a huge distance away from the garden she had first been found in, and was clearly doing all she could to lead me to her kittens.

"In my 15 years as an inspector I have never had this happen before and I was quite shocked by it all."

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