James Corden reveals truth behind Lily Allen 'romance'

James Corden has spoken out about his relationship with Lily Allen, revealing he was once a ‘lovesick fool’ for the singer, but the feeling wasn’t mutual.

The star of Gavin & Stacey openly talks about his feelings for Lily in his autobiography May I Have Your Attention Please?, adding a touch of humour to what was clearly an awkward situation.

He writes: "She's confident, funny and intelligent. We got talking at the party after the film and she asked me for my phone number, which was a bit embarrassing as I was standing with my girlfriend at the time.”

At a later date, James was asked to go on Lily’s chatshow to promote the new series of Gavin & Stacey.

“Given where I was at the time, with my ego starting to spiral out of control, a broken heart trying to nurse itself with empty one-night stands and a complete lack of understanding of my position in the world, this was right up my street. I made it my aim to make Lily mine," he said.

The pair proceeded to go out on a few occasions but there were always other people with them and it was never a proper date. He admits: “I definitely wanted more than that.”

The 33 year old realised Lily didn’t feel the same when he spent the night at her flat.

"At the landing there was a bedroom on our right and Lily pushed open the door. My heart was pounding. Lily looked deep into my eyes. 'You can sleep in there', she said, pointing to the room opposite, then pecked me on the cheek. 'Night, night'.

"Never have I felt such a douchebag. Who was I trying to kid? I remember lying in bed and realising how badly I'd misread the signs. There was no me and Lily, it was all in my mind,” James admitted.

The star added that he’s grateful nothing actually happened as he was so nervous, he would have struggled to perform!

 “So I want to thank Lily for sparing a lovesick fool that kind of embarrassment."

James is now engaged to Julia Carey and is doting dad to baby Max while Lily is loving being Mrs Cooper and is expecting her own little arrival shortly.

May I Have Your Attention, Please? is available from September 29.


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