Kate Nash organises charity collection for London riot victims

Kate Nash continues to rally support towards the community clean up by organising a charity donation event over Twitter to help those affected by the fires and looting in London.

The singer and songwriter was one the celebs spotted on the streets of London yesterday as she offered her support to the riot clean up campaign.

Now, as the harsh realities of the riot damage becomes more clear, the Do-Wah-Doo singer has used her public profile to publicise another great community project – a charity collection.

She first tweeted her 56,557 followers asking for information on where to stuff for those who have been left homeless and then threw herself in to organising an event.

“East Londoners bring what you can spare to the park in Hoxton Square 12.00 me & @emmy_the_great will be driving donations to Tottenham.

“Clothes/bedding/kitchenware/books/toys/music anything you can think of! These people have lost everything in their homes!

“Got new shoes, unopened tights and pants, loads of t-shirts, towels, bedding, bowls, soft toy, connect 4, dresses! What are you bringing?"

She then added: "My neighbour just dropped round a bag full of stuff too! Community spirit! Confirmed: Van will be in Hoxton Square at 6.00 pm! We will load it up & set off to Tottenham. We'll wait for an hour.”

Taking a little time off from the campaign, Kate found a spare hour to pop into Daybreak this morning to praise the “positive” atmosphere among those helping to clean up the city.

The 24-year-old then later responded to “distorted views across the globe” that the riots were “exciting” on her blog My Ignorant Youth.

“The looting was not an attack on big corporations and chain stores, it was mindless and violent.

“People were beaten up and mugged, clothes stolen from their bodies. Three people in Birmingham were killed last night. There were working class people out in the streets destroying the homes and lives of other working class people.

“What is exciting to me and what really felt amazing yesterday was how many people were out in the streets yesterday, all day and night, people literally sweeping the streets, taking the broken glass out of windows, gluing wood to broken doors, talking to strangers, from all different types of class/race/gender and backgrounds.

“The atmosphere was positive and protective. And last night, communities and vigilante groups and shop keepers stayed out in crowds to defend their neighbourhoods.”

Watch: Kate Nash's interview above with STV where she tells us why she loves T in the Park.



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