One Direction think Niall Horan will be the first to become a dad

Shower singer Niall Horan
One Direction lads thinks Niall Horan most likely to become a dad.

One Direction has been discussing which one of them will be the first to have a baby.

Zayn Malik recently became engaged to Little Mix star Perrie Edwards but they think the first to be a dad will be Niall Horan.

Asked who will the first to start a family Liam Payne told Heat magazine: “Niall - he'll surprise us!”

Louis Tomlinson added: “Niall often makes decisions and regrets them and tries to weave his way out of them.

"We can imagine in ten years, him being like, 'Well, I married this woman, I don't really know what happened'."

Meanwhile, Niall has revealed that he records music in his underwear.

The singer said that he first decided to strip down in the recording studio during the session for the group's debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

He said: “I've been doing it for a while. I recorded What Makes You Beautiful in my boxers.

"What Makes You Beautiful was the first time I did it because it was really warm in the studio, and I've done it ever since."

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