Cameron Diaz had the hots for Robert Pattinson

Cameron Diaz: It was torture being 20
Cameron Diaz has the hots for Robert Pattinson.

Cameron Diaz allegedly has a crush of Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson.

Both Hollywood stars have been invited to a wine-tasting weekend at Reese Witherspoon’s Californian ranch.

A source told The Sun: “Cameron thinks Rob is really hot and is up for making a play for him.

“The fact that he’s 27 doesn’t bother her.

“She has known him for a while but decided to keep a respectful distance while he was in that relationship with Kristen Stewart.

“But now he’s single so as soon as she knew Reese was hosting a four-day wine-tasting weekend at her home in Ojai, she was quick to get in on the act.”

Reese and Rob have been friends since they co-starred in Water for Elephants.

Cameron and Pattinson have never worked together but met last year at a party in Los Angeles.

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