Love savings: Making your Valentine’s Day priceless

Valentine’s Day often comes at an awkward moment in the year for couples who are still feeling the effects of an expensive festive period. Recent surveys have suggested that an average couple will spend a whopping £70 on each other this February 14th.

Although you may think that no-expensive should be spared on your loved one (awww) on Valentine’s, there are ways to cut down the cost of an increasingly expensive occasion.

The Hour asked journalist and blogger Ashley Lennon to give her top tips on Valentine’s Day gifts that will pull on the heartstrings without forcing you to tug on the purse strings.

Ashley said: “One of the most thoughtful gifts to give to your loved one this Valentine’s Day is a simple home-made card. You don’t need art skills, just some card glue and whatever takes your fancy.

“Why not go the whole hog and write a poem inside? It might seem cheesy but it still means a lot to some of us.”

Sometimes the simplest of gifts can be the most thoughtful and it doesn’t take an expensive watch or brand new iPod to show your partner how much you love them.

“Invest thought, not cash in gifts,” said Ashley. “How about a nice photo of you together put into a nice frame? Or a scrapbook made up of photos?

“A mixed CD made up of your partner’s favourite songs is always a sure-fire hit and a love letter hid in a pocket or under a windscreen adds a bit of mystery and passion to the day.”

Another common Valentine’s Day mistake made by couples is the expensive and often vastly disappointing trip to a local restaurant. If you fancy bypassing a lengthy wait for a table and a meal, why not cook up dinner at home for an inexpensive romantic night in?

Ashley added: “Restaurants usually hike their prices up on Valentine’s night, so why not have a meal in the house? Bring in some candles and do the cooking for a change. And you won’t have to put up with that 101 greatest love songs CD.”

Ashley Lennon is a journalist and blogger who runs, a guide to snagging a Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle on a shoestring budget.

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