Jessie J shaving hair for Red Nose Day hits note with cancer patient

Back in 2011, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessie J when she was performing at Clyde 1 Live at Glasgow’s SECC.

Not only was she engaging, feisty and fun to chat to, she was also stunningly beautiful and I have always admired her style and, even more so, her fabulous hair.

At the time, I had read an article about Jessie saying she would shave her hair for charity.

When I asked her about this, she said: “I feel like since I was younger I wrote music to make people feel better and now I have the music and the ‘celebrityness’, if that’s what you want to call it, and people would love to see a celebrity shave their head so I’m going to do it.

“Even if it never grew back then that doesn’t matter. I’ve met children and people this year who won’t see the end of this year and that put my whole life in perspective and that breaks my heart, so I want to do all I can to make the world a better place.”

Now, I know it’s easy to say “it’s just hair, it’ll grow back,” but when I was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2009, one of my first thoughts was “am I going to lose my hair?”

To some I know that will sound vain, but the prospect of losing your locks, something which in part defines your look, really terrified me, especially as I had always loved experimenting with my hair – it has literally been every colour under the sun.

Thankfully, the type of chemotherapy I take means that I have managed to hold on to my frizzy mane for now and I’m very grateful for that. But I know others who haven’t been so lucky and who have struggled to adjust to wearing wigs and headscarfs.

That’s why I think, in part, not only is Jessie brave to do this for charity and raise thousands, if not millions, for Comic Relief; she will also help many who have lost their hair for various reasons by showing that you can still be stylish and rock a cropped look. She’s already done wonders for wig wearers, helping it become fashionable to experiment with different lengths and styles through her own love of pulling on a hair piece.

So Jessie, I just wanted to let you know that what you’re doing tomorrow will be emotional, entertaining and it will help benefit so many lives, in more ways than you can imagine. Good luck!

You can find out more about why Jessie is shaving her head for Comic Relief in the video below.

You can sponsor Jessie to shave her head here.

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