Big Brother couple file for divorce

Big Brother eviction cancelled
Big Brother: The lure of another TV show seems to have spelled the end for the marriage which began in the reality TV show.

The couple who got engaged in the Big Brother house four years ago have announced that they have split up and intend to divorce.

Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton took part in the reality TV show in 2008 and had to hide their relationship initially from their housemates.

The couple were back in the news last year after it was revealed that a conman allegedly convinced them to allow him to film them for six months for another reality show, which never existed.

The couple, along with acts from The X Factor, were said to have been targeted by the conman who is alleged to have used them to convince people that he was a successful television producer. He is now reportedly being sued by some of those who invested in his company.

The strain of this caused the pair to split, according to 45-year-old Lisa.

The Sun quoted her as saying: "Towards the end we just hated each other. [The conman] tore our lives apart and destroyed our relationship."

“Our whole world fell apart around us when we got conned," she added.

The couple separated three weeks ago and Appleton is now dating theatre producer Rob Ellis.

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