Susan Boyle presents Donny Osmond with extra special Scottish gift

Susan Boyle delighted Donny Osmand fans who turned up to watch the star perform, along with his sister Marie, on Friday night (February 1) at Glasgow’s SECC.

The former Britain’s Got Talent star joined her childhood hero on stage and gave him an extra special gift to welcome him to her homeland – a tartan scarf and tie.

Donny looked thrilled with the kind gesture from the singing sensation, he’s now proud to call a friend.

Susan didn’t say much as she dazzled the delighted Donny and Marie fans, but then she didn’t have to – she let her much-loved voice do the talking.

The Blackburn belter joined Donny for a confident rendition of This is the Moment, which was met with rapturous applause from the crowd.

It’s not the first time Susan has taken to the stage with American heartthrob Donny.

She has dueted the star on quite a few occasions, citing her performances with him in LA and then Las Vegas as both “magical and nerve wracking.”

Susan also admitted Donny gave her some valuable advice about her career, saying: “He told me to enjoy every moment of my career and stop fretting about what is going to happen next.” Wise words indeed.

Alongside singing for the Pope and the Queen, another career highlight for Susan was when Donny agreed to duet with her on her album, Standing Ovation.

Recalling the moment record label bosses broke the news, Susan said: “Well I didn’t believe it at first. I thought they were pulling my leg! ‘Yeah Yea’ I remember saying but when I met him for the first time in the recording studio it became a different story! I was so excited!”

Speaking of their close friendship, she continued: “Donny has an outrageous sense of humour and was great fun to work with. He was a pleasure to work with, for someone who’s been in the industry for 50 years, since he was a wee boy. I couldn’t believe how down to earth he was. Totally professional, he taught me some great things in the studio and I was honoured to be working with my childhood idol. In fact I was a little nervous to be performing with him. I didn’t think for a second I was good enough to be performing alongside someone of Donny’s calibre. He’s a legend and well I only see myself as semi professional these days so it felt a tad odd being with him in the studio.”

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