Celebrity Big Brother villains Speidi leave UK due to 'hair emergency'

Paula Hamilton and Heidi and Spencer face eviction
Heidi and Spencer are taking a 'vacation' at home in California, but may be back.

Celebrity Big Brother stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have announced they are leaving the UK and flying to the States, due to what they have referred to as a "hair emergency".

The reality TV couple have talked about a permanent move to the UK since appearing in the Big Brother house but have had to fly home to California, so that Heidi can get her hair done.

Heidi told OK! magazine: "I have an emergency hair situation going on. Usually I get my hair done every three weeks and I'm at about seven weeks or so.

"I've had the same person for seven years - he's a British hair guru who perfects blonde so I have to go back and see him."

The couple, who married after appearing together on US reality show The Hills are therefore taking a “vacation” back in their home nation, but may well return to Britain afterwards to continue their career here.

Still keen to discuss the 'plans' and 'tactics' used to compete on Celebrity Big Brother and in the wider reality TV world, Spencer compared himself with the eventual winner of the Channel 5 show, Rylan Clark.

He told the celeb mag: "I think he has more longevity because this is an emotional response to a wild, crazy thing.

"He can maintain being the likeable nice guy, build a true fanbase - people that want to watch him for normal stuff, not crazy wild antics, silly batty stuff. I would have loved to have started Rylan's tactic nine years ago."

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