Amy Childs is proud of Rylan Clark

Amy Childs' glam Christmas
Amy Childs is proud of Rylan Clark.

Amy Childs has revealed that she is proud of her friend Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark.

Rylan left the Big Brother reality house a immediately went on The X Factor live tour.

Speaking at the launch of her Spring 2013 Clothing Collection, she told Digital Spy: “I'm so proud of Rylan. He done so well. He was so natural on Big Brother.

“Watching him in that house he was Rylan all over. He's like that all day long. I spoke to him on Saturday and said I know he's going to be mental busy, but I hope he's okay.”

Childs also chatted about Rylan’s desire to have a child, and potential surrogate mums.

She said: “He'll have a beautiful baby, Rylan. He's so pretty. He's changing the mums though, isn't he?

“First it was that girl from Two Shoes, now it's Claire [Richards] out of what's-it-called [Steps]. It'll be me next.”

Chatting about an Amy and Rylan reality show, she said: “Perfect, bring it on. It would be great. Me and Rylan bounce off each other. We've got fun and banter. But I am going to be on TV again soon."

On Rylan's CBB housemates Speidi, Amy added: “I didn't get them. Was they playing a game, was they not – I don't know.

“The way they were just obsessed with each other. They should have been like Jade Goody and Jack Tweed, and done their own thing in the house.”