David Beckham discusses plans to leave US football – what lies next?

David Beckham announced that his six-season stint in U.S. Major League Soccer will end with the December 1st MLS Cup against the Houston Dynamo – but he’s not saying too much about future plans.

The former England captain announced his decision to his teammates earlier on Tuesday, although coach Bruce Arena and star Landon Donovan already knew about it.

Beckham explained: "It's something I've been thinking about for the last couple of months and I came to the decision a few weeks back.

“I thought it wasn't the right time to announce it a few weeks ago. But I feel now that we've reached the MLS (Major League Soccer) Cup Final, and the MLS (Major League Soccer) Cup Final is going to be in our own stadium in front of our own fans, I felt it was the right time to do so.”

Beckham said he got a round of applause and "a little abuse" from the Galaxy, who will attempt to win their second straight league title against the Dynamo at the Home Depot Center next Saturday.

Although Beckham is done playing for the Galaxy, it's clear the global icon isn't permanently leaving Hollywood. Beckham said his family considers it home, and he plans to "be at as many games as possible" next season.

He continued: "I will always be part of this club and always be part of this franchise, especially to this city because we've been treated unbelievably well.

“We haven't decided as a family what happens next, because Victoria knows that my full focus right now is on the final in ten days and after that we'll decide.

“But you know, we have a few exciting options on the table.”

The 37-year-old midfielder wasn't specific about where he might end up next, deflecting questions about every destination from Australia and China to France and Britain. While discussing his future in the most oblique terms, Beckham only confirmed he won't move to New York or any other MLS team.

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