X Factor star Christopher Maloney announces Twitter break

Christopher Maloney has announced that he is taking a break from Twitter.

The X Factor star Tweeted: “Ello guys, taking a break from twitter for a bit, need to concentrate on my songs for this week. Ope u understand, thanks 4 ur support. Xx”

Despite clearly having a loyal army of fans voting for him each week, the singer has faced a barrage of criticism from others, who have reportedly been sending him abusive messages on social networking sites.

Chris has been Tweeting throughout the series to thank those who have been supporting him and sending him messages of congratulations each time he makes it through another week on X.

Earlier today, he wrote: “Good morning every1, thanks for your continued love,help and support! Its getting me thru this. in rehearsals, can't wait for saturday xx”

Yesterday he Tweeted: “Just want to say, thank u all so much for ur support, love and help. Just block negative comments, not worth it! I think ur all amazing. X”

Christopher recently spoke of how stories suggesting he is a diva had affected his beloved nan.

He said: “My nan isn’t well at all. She has very high blood pressure. This hasn’t been helped by some of the negative press that’s been written about me. It really upsets her. It also stresses me out. Although, I’m staying positive and really enjoying being a part of such an exciting show.”

Gary Barlow is continuing to work closely with Chris and is backing him all the way.

The Take That star said: “He’s doing great. Sunday nights are supposed to be full of dread but he springs in and out of my dressing room. I’m so happy to see that he’s enjoying himself.

“He’s had the most criticism out of everybody. I only know what I see. For me, he’s really easy to work with. Whenever I’m around him, he’s the loveliest, sweetest man ever.”

Speaking of how Christopher has handled the negative press, Gary added: I think he’s managed it brilliantly. If these things were being said about me, I’d be cursing and lashing out. I really admire how he’s taken the negative things being said about him in his stride. I really respect that.

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