Holly Willoughby's boobs are the best in Britain according to women

Holly Willoughby to host Surprise, Surprise
Good job: Holly Willoughby was picked by women as having the best boobs in Britain.

Holly Willoughby has the best boobs in Britain according to a new survey, with the majority of women wishing they had her pair.

The 31-year-old This Morning presenter with a 34DD chest topped a poll by Ultimo Beauty with an incredible 60% of the vote.

The research found that most women want a D or DD cup and are happiest with their breasts at the age of 26.

Girls Aloud beauty Cheryl Cole, who says she's a 32D, came second with 19%. Kate Middleton – who is too much of a lady to discuss such matters – came third.

The study also found that 38% of women were satisfied with the assets they had, while 20% would be willing to pay £3,000 to change them.

But making a big change isn't always a good idea. Katie Price and Jodie Marsh, who have both had boob jobs, topped the list of celebrities with the worst cleavage.

And it turns out that bigger isn't always better, as 28% of the 1,000 UK women surveyed wished their boobs were smaller.

Ultimo Beauty founder Michelle Mone said: "Most women have a particular boob concern, especially as time takes its toll.

"Sagging is by far the number one concern for the nation. Throughout my career I have seen a shift from women wanting big boobs to wanting toned boobs."

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