Vinnie Jones was set up by Russian singer

Vinnie Jones: Two smoking haddocks!
Russian beauty backs up Vinnie Jones.Channel 4

A Russian woman has backed Vinnie Jones’s claim that he was “set up”, after he was photographed kissing singer Lama Safonva.

Alisa Krylova, who is filming a documentary with the former footballer, insisted Safonova “invited the cameras herself”.

The model told The Sun: “The best PR for her is a scandal.”

Alisa also dismissed claims that Vinnie took her on a romantic date.

She said: “I have no other relationship with Vinnie other than good friendship.”

It was rumoured that Vinnie’s marriage to wife Tanya was rocked after he was filmed kissing Lama outside a bar in Moscow.

However, the 47-year-old actor insisted that he had just met the singer and her boyfriend.

He said: “It was a set-up.”

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