Robbie Williams glad baby was not born on Wednesday

Robbie Williams' cake apology
Wednesday's child if full of woe!

Robbie Williams has admitted that his wife Ayda Field did not want their baby to be born on a Wednesday.

The couple had their first baby, daughter Theodora Rose on Tuesday September 18.

Williams said he always remembers the Monday’s Child nursery thyme which states that a child born on Wednesday is “full of woe”.

Speaking to Greg James on Radio 1: “I was born on a Wednesday and Wednesday's child is full of woe.

“I was full of woe. I believed in the poem during my 20s.”

The couple were pleased the daughter was born on Tuesday, when children are said to be “full of grace”.

The former Take That member also admitted that he was trying to swear less not he is a dad.

He said: “I do have a potty mouth, I really do. I am going to have to curb it.”

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