Katherine Grainger, Olympic gold medallist, goes back to the Clyde

She has been to four Olympics and collected four medals, the last of which was, finally, gold.

But the road to the top of podium has to begin somewhere and for Glasgow girl Katherine Grainger, 2012 double sculls Olympic champion, it began on the river Clyde in Glasgow.

It wasn't quite at the spot you can see in the video which is outside the STV offices, opposite the famous Finnieston crane. The rowing section of the river is a little further upstream above a weir at Glasgow Green where a number of rowing clubs have their boathouses.

And it was not an auspicious start; just a "have-a-go" moment with some friends. It wasn't until she went to university in Edinburgh that she started to go out regularly, And even then she was no instant convert.

"I didn't fall in love with the sport originally", she explains, "but with the people."

She is surprisingly frank, too, about the moment when, filled with the insecurities that beset so many young people, she first understood that maybe, just maybe, she might have something a bit out of the ordinary.

Despite her status, Katherine remains disarmingly modest and courteous, as you can see. A true champion.

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