Jock the dog’s barking mad day at STV for the STV Appeal

This week at STV HQ we’ve had some extra special guest editors take charge of in aid of the STV Appeal. We went gaga for golden girl of the Olympics Katherine Grainger, had a Dream day with Elaine C. Smith and broke the cardinal rule of office etiquette by falling a little in love with today’s boss – Jock the dog.

Yes, just like the rest of Scotland, we’ve been going barking mad for Sean Batty’s pooch Jock, who is the most adorable four legged fluff ball we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

But Jock was no pushover when it came to taking the lead. As soon as he made his way into the office, he commanded respect, slipping comfortably into the editor’s chair and immediately calling a meeting to ensure we were covering the top scoops of the day.

After that, Jock made his way round STV, casting his eye over proceedings and even allowing some lucky fans to give him a cuddle, on the understanding they donated to the Appeal.

He paws-ed for thought for a moment after booting John MacKay out the dressing room so he could have his wet nose powdered, before slipping into the canteen for a slap up meal of sausages – it’s a dog’s life.

You can watch Jock in all his glory in the video above and we defy you not to giggle as the newest darling of the doggy world (Pudsey who?) makes his way round the office.

A true star, Jock’s day at STV isn’t over yet. After a quick power nap in Sean’s weather centre, he’s currently in make-up preparing for a hotly anticipated appearance on tonight’s STV Appeal live show. You’d be barking mad to miss it.

Find out more about the STV Appeal here.

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