Elaine C. Smith reveals all about the first time she met Susan Boyle

Elaine C. Smith came into the STV office this week to be guest editor of our fine website, in aid of the STV Appeal.

While she did a grand job overseeing proceedings, I was desperate to ask her about I Dreamed a Dream and what it was like working with the legend that is Susan Boyle. Thankfully, Elaine was more than happy to reveal how the musical came about and the charming story of the first moment she met Susan.

You can watch the amazing details of how I Dreamed a Dream came to be and Elaine’s initial doubts as to whether the story would ever make it to stage in the player above.

The much-loved Scottish actress spoke fondly of her first encounter with Susan, revealing she was invited round for tea at the singing sensation’s house.

But which house? Elaine explained: “She was really nervous about meeting me, which was bizarre, and I said I would just pop in for a cup of tea on my way through to Edinburgh.

“She said, 'Where do you want to come? I’ve got two houses you know', and I said, 'There’s no need to brag Susan! I want to come to the posh house!'

“So we had a laugh about that and I said 'I’m only coming in for a cup of tea, but make sure there’s a decent biscuit, Marks and Spencers please.'”

As well as being an incredible singer, Elaine is also a talented pianist and as she and Susan bonded, she sat down by the BGT star’s grand piano and the pair enjoyed a sing-song, just the two of them.

It’s clear the lovely ladies are close and have a mutual admiration for each other’s work. As if to give her nod of approval at the end of the meeting, Elaine explained: “She [Susan] put her arms round me and said, 'I would be honoured if you played me Elaine', and I said, 'Well, we’ll see where it goes', and I think then I felt I had something really precious and that I had to look after it.”

Elaine has gone on to enjoy rave reviews for her portrayal of Susan in I Dreamed a Dream and as the show gets set to come to Glasgow and Edinburgh, where Elaine, and possibly Susan, will play to the home crowd, I can not wait to see the girls take to the stage.

Next week on stv.tv/entertainment, you can watch more of my interview with Elaine, where she discusses the moving moments in I Dreamed a Dream, how it was important to avoid sugar coating Susan’s story and how she partied with Susan at her fascinating birthday bash.

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