Kristen Stewart turns to self-help books after affair shame

Kristen Stewart is said to be so keen to shrug off the mistakes she has made in her relationship with Robert Pattinson that she has turned to self-help books.

The 22-year-old was desperate to reunite with her former Twilight love, following the shock revelations that she had cheated with married father-of-two movie director, Rupert Sanders.

However it seems to be becoming increasingly less likely as time goes on that Rob is ready to forgive and forget. So in a bid to find some “inner peace”, Kristen has reportedly turned to the teachings of Gandhi.

Reading the guru’s work, Kristen has apparently been finding out all there is to know about philosophy, enlightenment and spirituality, according to The Sun.

The star is clearly embarrassed about the scandal that arose in July, following the publication of incriminating snaps of her kissing Rupert, who directed her in Snow White and the Huntsman – alongside his own wife, Liberty Ross. Awkward.

She has already allegedly pulled out of the promotion of her latest movie On The Road because she is feeling too ashamed to face the public.

As well as that, Kristen and Rob are both rumoured to have cancelled appearances at next month’s MTV VMAs, in addition to the Twilight conventions in the run-up to the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which comes out in October.

Thankfully it is thought that the couple will both attend the movie premieres for the fifth and final Twilight movie, and Rob, who is said to be keen to take the “higher moral ground”, has agreed to walk the red carpet with Kristen in order to save Kristen from “embarrassment and any female fans booing her”.

Poor Kristen is no doubt feeling the heat, having gone from wide-eyed innocent Hollywood starlet, to frowned-upon, cheating “trampire”. We hope she manages to find some peace soon, with a little help from lifestyle guru Gandhi.

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