Robbie Williams’ romance with Ayda Field is the first high-profile World Cup casualty

Robbie Williams’ relationship with Ayda Field is in troubled because of the World Cup. Neglected Ayda has left because she’s fed up with his fascination with football.

Ayda took the hump and packed her bags during Sunday’s game between Algeria and Slovenia.

Robbie has been scheduling World Cup sessions with his mates at their house and the American actress has had enough.

A source told The Sun: “Robbie’s wife-to-be decided she could not take any more after three days of football.

“Ayda was dreading a house full of blokes chanting Three Lions and blowing vuvuzelas - so she's legged it. Normally nothing could keep her and Rob apart.”

"She doesn't understand soccer and has absolutely no interest in it. She is bored stupid already and has even said if she ever hears the Three Lions song again it will be too soon."


Is your relationship in danger of going the same way as Rob and Ayda’s? The World Cup can be a crisis time in some households.

Here are some tip tips to help your romance make it to the final whistle.

  • Get a second telly to avoid a huge battle for the remote control. Consider renting one for the short term if you don’t want to buy one.
  • Get in touch with other non-football-fixated friends and do something else…
  • But plan your trips to places that won’t be full of football. Pubs and bars should be avoided.
  • Make a list of other things to do – perhaps there’s a project you’ve been putting off?
  • Remember you don’t need to understand the off-side rule to enjoy a good World Cup party or have an opinion on the vuvuzela.

Ronni Ancona blamed football on her split with partner in comedy Alistair McGowan and went on to write a book, How to Wean a Man off Football, about it.

She said: “Football ruined my relationship. I do think it can amount to an addiction when you’re living with someone who needs fixes all the time.

“Alistair got to a point where he started getting suspicious and [obsessive] about the results tables. He thought there’d be a catastrophic change in the world if matches didn’t go the way he wanted.”

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