Prince William in plea to save the rhino

Prince William learned 'don't mess' with the Queen
Prince Williams wants to save African rhinos.

Prince William has called for the end of killing rhinos for their horns.

The Duke of Cambridge is worried about the future of the species after experts warned Africa is facing a poaching crisis.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, where William proposed to Catherine Middleton, reported five killed rhinos last month and says that poaching poses a "grave threat" to the already endangered species.

A St James's Palace spokesman said in a statement: "The Duke is concerned that action must be taken now to stem the tide before it is too late and these magnificent creatures become lost to the wild forever.

"Species conservation is something the Duke feels passionate about.”

They added: “He has been keeping a close eye on the poaching crisis, particularly involving Africa's rhinoceros and elephants, and is alarmed by the increase in the numbers being killed."

The recent killings at Lewa saw the poachers get away with two sets of horns.

A Lewa spokeswoman said: "2012 was our blackest year.

“The severity and frequency of these attacks is a clear indication of the level of threat that Lewa's rhinos face, the highest in history.

“The poacher is no longer a long gunman with a mask; the hefty price paid for African rhino horn has attracted international organised crime syndicates that are eager to cash in at the expense of an entire species.

"Poachers have become increasingly sophisticated, using the latest gadgets and intelligence to spot and kill rhinos."

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