Kate Middleton proves she’s nifty at being thrifty at festive fair

Kate Middleton loves to bag a bargain, taking great delight in finding dream items in the sales.

Despite having plenty of money in the bank, the darling Duchess prefers not to splash her cash and is the queen of haggling when it comes to unique items she knows would look perfect in her Anglesey home.

This came to light recently when she attended an antiques fair, near her home in Wales.

With a keen eye for design and a love of unusual, yet tasteful, items, Kate spied a pair of Imari vases, which she knew she just had to have.

At £180 however, she felt they were a little overpriced. Kate suggested that £160 would be a fair deal and how could the stall holder refuse? She bought the vases and was delighted with her purchase from the fair.

Nick Bayliss, owner of Ludlow-based Continuity Fairs, is reported in the Daily Beast as saying: "We had sent out complimentary tickets to Prince William and the Duchess for our May fair and again in October, and to my absolute delight in she comes with her party on the Sunday morning and had her hand stamped with the green dragon by my daughter, who didn't recognise her."

As well as making her Anglesey home a cosy, comfortable haven for her and Wills to share quality time out of the spotlight, Kate is also keen to put her mark on Kensington Palace.

A source told Showbiz Spy:“Kate is keen to put her stamp on the place with things she’s bought on her travels. She feels certain pieces would be nice when they have a bigger home.”

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