Dolly Parton promises girl power and plenty of laughs in 9 to 5 the musical

It was a huge hit in the 1980s and now 9 to 5 is gearing up to storm Scotland as a musical, promising even more laughs, girl power, and ingenious ideas on how to string up those horrible bosses who make our lives hell.

Talking to STV’s John MacKay today, Dolly Parton – who wrote the music and lyrics for the stage version of the hit movie – revealed exactly what audiences can expect when the musical comes to Glasgow and Edinburgh this November.

“The story’s about three women having to put up with this lying hypocritical, egotistical bigot of a boss, so it’s all the fun we have trying to put him in his place, stringing him up, taking control and running the company the way we think it should be run, which makes it a success," Dolly explained.

“There’s a lot of fun, music, a lot of jokes, a lot of ways at pointing the finger at some serious issues, while still being able to enjoy it."

Dolly added: “I really think they’re going to be entertained, Pat Resnick did a wonderful job with the story, and Jeff Calhoun did a wonderful job directing it, and with all these wonderful actors, we’ve got a lot of wonderful people in it so ii think it’s going to be something fun for everybody.”

The musical might tell the story of women gaining power over their male colleagues, but Dolly doesn’t think it will stop men from getting a kick out of the show.

“I think the men can enjoy it too, because they can relate to it, they can relate to that male chauvinist pig of a boss,” Dolly said.

“It’s just the whole fun and games of it. It’s pretty much a girlie show and women certainly will enjoy it, but they can take their boyfriends and husband and they’ll also get a kick out of it. Hopefully they’ll enjoy the music too, which I had the chance to write all the lyrics and the music for.”

Compared to the situation in the 1980s, gender inequality in the workplace has largely been eliminated; but the larger-than-life star admits that some issues still exist – and she has a novel way of resolving these problems.

“People will always be dissatisfied; if we’re lucky enough to have a good job we have a bad boss, if we have a bad boss we have a good job and it kind of goes like this. So I think it’s something people will always relate to, problems in the workplace,” Dolly explained.

“Nobody likes to be bossed but somebody has to be the boss. If we’re lucky we get a good one, if we get a bad one we just write musicals at them and poke fun at them!”

The star even spoke of a time when she faced obstacles in a work situation herself, during the period in which she teamed up with country music singer Porter Wagoner.

“I worked with Porter Wagoner for seven years and we were both so headstrong and he could be pretty tough sometimes, so I just kinda met him head-on," Dolly revealed.

The star jokingly added: “Tit for tat wouldn’t exactly be the right thing for me to say, but you’ve just got to kind of stand up for what you believe and who you are. if it means you lose that job then go find another one. Don’t let anybody mistreat you.”

9 to 5 the Musical comes to Glasgow’s King’s Theatre from November 12-17 and the Edinburgh Playhouse from November 26 until December 1. It also tours around Manchester, London, Birmingham and Brighton, with more dates still to be announced.


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