Kevin Bridges on Glasgow fans, Billy Connolly and STV News

Kevin Bridges has enjoyed himself during the last two years. He has gone from performing in Glasgow’s comedy clubs and "rubbish pubs" to appearing on television comedy and panel shows.

Earlier this week, Kevin was in Glasgow to sign copies of his first DVD Kevin Bridges - The Story So Far: Live in Glasgow, which was recorded at the SECC this year.

He told STV: "It was a Friday night. 10,000 people on a Friday night in Glasgow. If even 1% of them are mental, that is still a 100 nutters. I think we easily beat the 1% target. There were a lot of nutters in, but we managed to edit them out the DVD! The energy, the atmosphere sounds amazing on the DVD so I am glad they captured that.

"You get into comedy through watching people on DVDs and videos. It is good that it has finally come and it is my time. I just hope some people show up at the signing or it will be me and some wee guy, playing FIFA in the corner."

Kevin didn’t need to worry. Around 500 people turned up to HMV in Buchanan Street to meet him. So what has changed since his days on the Glasgow scene a few years ago?

"You are more in the public eye and people come and get tickets to see your show and you play bigger gigs, so it has changed that way.  But it hasn’t changed me as a person. I’m still happy to talk to STV News at Six. This is the dream gig. John MacKay in the studio. Big fan John!"

Apart from a certain Mr MacKay, Kevin is also a big fan of Billy Connolly. He has often been compared to the comic great, but the 24-year-old from Clydebank isn’t getting carried away with his monumental rise to fame.

"It has been monumental for anybody on the outside looking in, but for me - I’ve been there at every single gig," he stated. "It has not seemed that fast for me. I’m the guy who has done all the rubbish pubs.

"Billy - he is the first guy I ever saw on stand up. Guys like Peter Kay - I never used to watch them and think that could be me one day. I just  watched it like anybody else because it was funny. I was a big Connolly fan."

Asked if he would sell more DVDs than Connolly, whose latest release hit the shelves last week, Kevin laughed: "I’m on Blu-ray though. I don’t know of anyone else is on Blu-ray, it is pretty exciting. I don’t think it is really maximising the potential of a Blu-ray disk just me standing there, talking.

"Do you need 3D glasses for Blu-ray? Connolly is a world figure, I have only just turned 24. If I am still doing it at the same age he is still doing it, then that is going to be amazing.

"I don’t think anybody can compare to Connolly, he is the guy that started the whole thing. We are just following in his footsteps. He is the man, but I am kinda the man."

Kevin has promised fans he will be on tour in Scotland again in 2012. Until then, catch the DVD Kevin Bridges - The Story So Far: Live in Glasgow.


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