Des Clarke and Jenny Douglas put sparkle into Cinderella

The pair are starring as Buttons and the eponymous Cinderella at the King’s Theatre Glasgow pantomime this year – and they were in hilarious form as they talked about starring in their first panto, while Ugly Sister Gavin Mitchell sounded a word of warning for Des’s Buttons.

They were at the city’s Mackintosh Church to launch Cinderella with a fantastic glitzy make-believe wedding, where they were also joined by Fairy Godmother Karen Dunbar, Ugly Sisters Gavin Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, and a whole host of others who helped wow an audience of schoolchildren and those of a more mature vintage.

We talked to Des and Jenny after their performance, and they were in hilarious form as they talked about making their panto debut.

When Jenny told us that she is playing Cinderella, Des chipped in: “When I signed up for it I was specifically told that I was Cinderella.”

“This is a wee bit awkward,” admitted Jenny.

Des added: “I wondered why they gave me this outfit. This looks more like Buttons...”

Though Buttons has a thing for Cinderella, as Jenny explained “all he gets is the attention of the Ugly Sisters”.

One of the Ugly Sisters (played by Gavin Mitchell) gave us his own perspective on the hapless character: “Where do you start with Buttons?

“I don’t know. He’s good at his job, I’ll give him that. I’ve watched him fae afar, and I’d like to watch him closer, if you know what I mean.

“There’s Buttons and there’s unbuttoned, and that’s all that I can say on the matter.”

Of making those Ugly Sisters, Des said: “I’m tormented already, and we haven’t even done it. Just today, doing five minutes – they were grabbing me, taking me away from Cinderella, throwing me about the stage. I don’t know how I’ll cope.”

Mitchell added some words sure to send chills down Button’s spine: “If I get near him! [Makes noise of dog barking.] He’d know all about it – and he will know all about it.

“Come and see it, wait till you see it – you might see it live, if you know what I mean? That’s a different show, don’t bring the weans.”

Jenny also explained to us about the marvellous wedding ring she was wearing, before Des gave us a fantastic QVC rundown of the item of jewellery. What a bargain!

  • Cinderella is on at King’s Theatre Glasgow from Friday November 30 until Sunday January 6. For ticket details and more information, visit

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