Richard Herring, Alex Horne and stand-up stars reveal first Fringe memories

(Warning: contains strong language)

For many stand-ups travelling to Edinburgh to perform during August is a rites of passage – so what do some of the top names this year remember about their first time at the Fringe?

Festival favourite Richard Herring was first to tell us about his formative first memory: “I was in an Oxford Theatre Group, we came for two months.

“We rehearsed for a month, and we stayed for a month on the floor of a masonic temple just near the castle.

“My main memory is one night when I was crying, the future opera director and Bafta award winner Stewart Lee attempted to m********* me – using a 100-year-old ventriloquist dummy my granddad had made – to try and cheer me up, he says.

“It didn’t cheer me up, it scarred me for life.”

Gráinne Maguire also told us about the occasion where it was so wet that she invented a new method of flyering “where I got a very sopping wet flyer and I walked towards the person, and I slapped it in their face, and it stuck. They saw the time and the venue there before they peeled it away...”

Take a look at the video above to see if the others’ responses manage to match those humdingers. We also talked to Roisin Conaty, Alex Horne, Carl Donnelly, Russell Kane, Helen Keen and Chris Ramsey who all had some interesting tales to tell...

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