TITP2012: The T party reaches a grand finale with Swedish House Mafia and Kasabian

Swedish House Mafia: Rocking the party on and on and on.
Swedish House Mafia: Rocking the party on and on and on.© Drew Farrell

Looking like the festival-goers had been enticed with the promise of Swedish House Mafia's last ever Scottish show, the Main Stage crowd were much more well spread out than usual, for T in the Park regulars, and honorary Scots, Kasabian.

Throwing out first album favourites, Processed Beats and I.D, psychedelic as ever, and oozing excess attitude, Kasabian had the Main Stage jumping, regardless of their seemingly slightly smaller numbers. Playing a similar crowd-pleasing set to their last Sunday night headline slot at T in the Park in 2010, the Leicester lads are reliable, if a little predictable, and their set is really one for the super-fan or Kasabian novice, rather than regular T in the Park attenders.

Led by Serge and his nasal whine into newer track, Man Of Simple Pleasures, the band keep the crowd singing along and seem better at working them than writing songs these days. At fear of getting stuck in the mud as I had now been stagnant for thirty-five minutes or so, the trudge through the cooling swamp with weary legs seemed more inviting than waiting for something new amongst Kasabian's set. I could have been waiting a while

With the lasers of their farewell show projecting a roof over the crowd of the NME stage, Swedish House Mafia appeared to be holding the real closing party. Boasting bold visuals and an eclectic mix of artists reworked for the dance floor, there didn't seem to be a still body in the field, where walking alone was proving difficult, nevermind breaking into a moonwalk.

Bringing a taste of Summer to the dreary landscape with Miami 2 Ibiza, the trio bounced on top of their super-sized DJ booth. With streamers exploding out of the stage and into the crowd, it was a non-stop party this side of Balado.

Asking if they could call Scotland their home for one night only with kaleidoscopic visuals- mind control anyone?- the house hungry heroes of the dance floor subtly merged samples of one track with the next, for genre mashing reworks and innovative remixing.

Meging the mellow vocal of Skylar Grey with killer synths, Swedish House Mafia masters worked the crowd into a frenzy, and then dropped them back into the damp reality, whilst rolling cloud visuals across the field and above their heads in blue light.

Just part of the dense regular smoke puffs which left the trio's tune factory, their set was a multi-sensory experience to keep their crowd entertained, as let's face it, even the simplest of us wouldn't be satisfied watching three men bouncing around a box for two hours.

The Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition was shoved in high heels and thrust onto the dancefloor for a euphoric rework, before Swedish House Mafia attempted to gain Coldplay a few cool points with Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.

Speaking fondly to the party crowd, the super-Swedes showed their admiration- "You dance till you die and you have big hearts, we think this song is all about you." And so they continued with Coldplay. I guess it depends on musical preference, but personally I'd take that new Coldplay gubbins as an insult.

Fireworks and a saltire took the set to Candi Staton territory, and I realised that this was where the trio were going with the song about the crowd, at least I hope so anyway.

Unleashing their Greyhound as they raced to the finish, before an extended Save The World, as the fireworks were lit, I think we've metaphorically danced the festival to our death this weekend.

Thanks a lot to T in the Park for the party, we hope we recover quicker than their field.

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