TITP2012: Jessie J burns down on Saturday

Jessie J: Dressed for success in this weather.
Jessie J: Dressed for success in this weather.© Drew Farrell

With long hair taking the place of her signature square bob, Jessie J had to do no convincing, to confirm her identity to Saturday night T. With the main stage crammed in tight regardless of the weather conditions, and not a dry patch of grass to be seen, the coach of The Voice displayed her very own proudly, girl-ing up proceedings before Mr Gallagher and The Stone Roses had their way with the crowd.

Being heard and not seen, the large-lunged lady made her presence known long before her tiny frame was visible on the mega-sized Main Stage. In the true Jessie J style that we have come to recognise, and that has quickly built itself a fine place in the UK music industry, she deviated away from the regular melodies of the tracks, leaving that up to her backing singers, as her own elaborate twists reverberated all around the arena, cartwheeling through her impressive vocal range.

Playing call and response chants with the crowd, the genuine star, who missed out on her chance at Balado last year due to foot surgery, bopped around the stage with enough energy for two years, kicking back in skinny denims to ensure there was no need to remain lady-like.

Working her way through her debut album, Who You Are, a cover of Usher's sultry Climax had the crowd swaying, Usher's falsetto range suiting the high end of her own voice.

Introducing her seventh single, produced by David Guetta, as a stage warm up for the dance floor destroyer later on, I think silly Jessie forgot that other stages exist, just because she grabbed the bulk of the crowd at her own. The only headliner she was warming up for were The Stone Roses, with Guetta taking on the swamp with his Titanium shield over on the NME stage.

Although the crowd were there in their numbers, they remained intimidatingly quiet in places, a little like Miss J's set. Perhaps due to wind direction or the wild weather, but the volume from the stage didn't always live up to Jessie's never-ending enthusiasm, though the competition from the tiny star was fierce. Whipping her hair back and forth like Willow Smith on the instrumental of LaserLight, the fresh-faced singer didn't tire at all during the entire duration of her set.

"Feeling sexy and free," for one final song, Domino, Jessie J had mud-coated ladies all over the field with their hands in the air, tick boxing themselves into that optimistic classification, as they stamped in the mud, already camouflaged in their on layer of the lumpy brown sludge.

Ending on one of her typical held notes- I think it went something like, "domino-oooo-oooo-oooooo-ooo-ooooo-ooooooooo," as it skipped through octaves- Jessie J kept the weighed-down Saturday crowd on a high. Oh, and just for the record, I lost count of the amount of times she sang her own name. We know Who You Are Jessie, you don't have to keep reminding us!

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