T Break talent: Maple Leaves

Let us introduce the Maple Leaves. Never heard of them? You soon will...

Hello there, we're Maple Leaves!

You might not have heard of Maple Leaves before, so here are a few things about us.  Firstly, we are on at 6:50pm on the T-Break Stage on Friday 10th July.  Come and see us play, and we will make you very welcome indeed.  Promise.

Secondly, like the Muskateers, The Supremes, and many other exciting (musical and non!) bands of people who have gone before, we are a band of three.
There's Julian (he's the amazingly tall, curly haired one), Graeme (local lad from Kirkintilloch!) and Anna (the girl and token Geordie). 

We play indie/folk/pop with soaring melodies that are great to sing in the bath.  Or in the park.  Or at work even, when your boss has gone out for a coffee.  Many of our songs are stories.  We're not afraid of catchy, hummable tunes, but we're massive fans of the great lyric.  All three of us play a few different instruments each, which means we tend to swap over quite a bit in our set.  This is not as easy as it looks.  But it is as fun.

Maple Leaves formed at an Open Mic night in Glasgow, back in September 2008.  Julian sang a song about tragic lovers skiing off a cliff.  Anna entertained the crowd with a song about eighties nostalgia  That same September night, Maple Leaves was born.  Serendipity (a.k.a a 'friend-of-a-friend') found Graeme, who began his Maple Leaves journey in February 2009, completing the line-up with aplomb, and that ferocious snare drum shuffle of his.

Maple Leaves are extremely and unreservedly excited about playing T in the Park.  In fact, it is probably true to say that for many weeks now, Anna has been quietly dancing to herself when no-one has been looking.  Julian of late, has had various T-themed dreams and serial T-goer Graeme has been grinning like a cheshire cat.

In fact, we are so looking forward to the occasion that we thought we'd get badges made and everything.  You know, just for the craic.  They look pretty nice too, even if we do say so ourselves.

If you fancy a gander at our page, go ahead to our Myspace site, it has videos too.  There's one Anna made from archive footage on a creative day, and a wee live acoustic ditty to boot.  We've only two songs up at the moment but we will play you more this Friday, honest.  At 6:50pm. On the T-Break stage.  That's a date, yeah?


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