T in the Park hits All Time Low while The Naked and Famous shine

The sun is out and all is well at T in the Park...

Well, not quite for All Time Low, who have to pause for a minute while the sound on the Main Stage is fixed, or as they put it "hide behind the cabinets and mast****** for a bit".

After some suggestion gesticulations caught on the big screen they're soon back on and launching their soaring, bouncing pop-rock, making for a decent early afternoon wake-up call. The pop-punkers having songs such I Feel Like Dancin' just about summed their happy-go-lucky spirit.

They also used the familiar trick of splitting the crowd into two sides to see who could give the biggest reaction (N-Dubz topped this yesterday by managing to locate a third 'middle side to complement the traditional left and right), and after the bright and perky Poppin' Champagne even managed to engage in the usual sort of purile banter about girls in the audience showing their 'boobs'. Job done.

Then it was into the musty, clammy confines of King Tuts Wah Wah Tent for The Naked and Famous, synths buzzing and squelching and the drums pounding away at a typical dance beat as the group bounded around the stage with commendable energy. (Especially given that it was sweaty enough just to stand around watching them.)

But the New Zealand alt-indie troupe also had a more sedate setting, with A Wolf In Geek's Clothing starting off in quiet fashion before bursting out with epic piano riffery clearing the wall of fearsome guitar distortion.

The band have a crafty knack for wrapping up an ocean of melodrama in some of the sweetest melodies you're likely to hear. They finished off with biggest hit to date Young Blood, which sounded like a poppy MGMT at their catchiest (plaintive female vocals providing the chorus hook), and it's easy enough to imagine them transferring over to the larger open-air T stages in futures. First though, there's the rest of today to contend with, and exiting the tent revealed the rain was back out and fiercer than ever. Good good...

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