STV T in the Park team: Kirstin Lynn

Name: Kirstin Lynn

Occupation: Drummer / blogger

Favourite band:  What a horrific question to ask one so indecisive...Depends on the day really, this skimmed down list should give you a rough idea where my musical interests lie (today at least):  Bloc Party, LCD Soundsystem, Joy Division, The Prodigy, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foals, The Stones, Soulwax, The Sounds, The Cure, Tom Vek, Tiga, Four Tet, Vitalic, The Presets.

Hobbies: Making noise, making dance moves, making a mess. Synths, drums, gigs and cake, any kind.

Most excited to see: I am reliably informed I will be working far too hard for such luxuries, however, given brief moments of relief I look forward to catching/ pulling incredibly bad  dance shapes to Kele from Bloc Party's sordid, solo affair. Really enjoying this album at the minute and will be interesting to see how the wall of rhythm and electronica is recreated live. Also I will be ecstatic if I catch Four Tet for some Saturday solace, hoping to get completely absorbed in the stunning, mesmeric sound of this year's blissful release 'There Is Love In You'. In fact, I may class this as essential therapy.

Most memorable festival experience: There are so many to choose from, filed in alphabetical order under good, bad and ugly. Dancing hard on a hill as the sun goes down; a friend (an actual friend, not a pseudonym for me) getting an incredibly thorough golden shower from a flying, freshly produced 'pint' (bad for her, I didn't really mind) and then there was another friend's portaloo incident, with the accidental use of a germ killing domestic surface wipe...All purpose indeed, with the added bonus of unbeatable clean and shine.

Top Festival Tip: Gingers don't be embarrassed, factor 50 from the kids section with packaging for the under 10's can be labelled  quirky if you try hard enough. Teamed with dry shampoo for your particularly wiry mane and a quick shriek of ‘You’ve Got The Love’, you'll easily pass yourself off as Florence and take a tumble backstage.

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