Rectify rocked our boat

Rectify rocked our boat
Rectify rocked our boat©Terry Boyd

Well it’s July so you would think we would be in the height of summer and therefore it’s the best time to have a boat party?! Well not in Scotland! There seems to be more chance of a snow storm here than lovely sunshine but us hard skinned Scots won’t let that stop us. (Did you see the muddy footage of TITP?!)

So with my rain jacket in tow I prepared for Rectify’s ‘shipRect 2’ boat party on Saturday, on the ‘Maid of the Loch’ paddle steamer at Loch Lomond.

Jumping on what can definitely be described as a party bus with a bunch of other up for it clubbers, we headed west.

Reaching Loch Lomond you can’t deny the scenery is stunning and with such a historic paddle steamer as the venue, this is a very unique and different setting to what we are used to for a dance event.

For those who may suffer from sea sickness, this was the boat party for you since the ship stays docked. The Maid is a spectacular vessel and I hear that the aim is to get her back sailing in 2013, which will be her 60th anniversary. You can read more about The Maid here.

Since the rain kept at bay in the afternoon the majority of the crowd were based on the deck of the boat, aptly named ‘Rect on the Deck’ by organisers. Dancing shoes were on early doors as we were served tunes from Stevie Jones, Chris Roberston, Chris Clark (The House Coat), Johnny Allen and LOCA.

Investigating downstairs (this is also where the 2 bars happened to be too…) we came across 2 more rooms, a Rectify v House Party room and the main Rectify room for the Trance Family.

The Rectify v House room was steadily busy from the start; the music working up the gears throughout the day and by early evening the ceiling slapping was in full force.

Some tables and chairs could be found on the walkways between rooms but I think I only saw about half a dozen bums on seats the whole day, people were far too busy busting some moves to be seated!

The Rectify room was like a trance haven. With the curtains closed, flashing lights and banging trance jumping off the walls you could easily forget you were actually on a boat. Throughout the night I saw several guys come out of the room, sweat dripping off them and a few ‘taps aff’ but the emotion on all their faces was the same – a smile like a cat who got the cream. 

We also have to give a mention to the fabulous face painting that adorned lots of people’s faces, and the random balloon animals that were seen joining in with the dancing (special mention to Sebastian Octoposso from the Seafood House Mafia – yes a vodka may have been consumed before the naming of the aforementioned…!).

Rect on the Deck was continuously busy throughout the day and early evening, and was brought to a monumental end at 9pm (on the dot) when Captain Grumpy (most likely not his official title) made LOCA cut off the music halfway through Hard Rock Sofas ‘Quasar’; so to the sounds of booing from the crowd Rect on the Deck came to a close and the majority of people packed the two downstairs rooms.

We joined the party downstairs in the Rectify v House room that was so packed it was threatening to spill out into the corridors.

Ashamed to admit we had to make an exit for the last train (queue more booing!) so we missed the last couple of hours, but if facebook and twitter comments were anything to go by we’re assured the boat continued to rock until its close at 1am.

Next up is Rectify’s 8th Birthday party in September and we think the guys will be hard pushed to top Saturday’s event but we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

You can keep up to date with all things Rectify via their facebook page.

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