'Coloursfest is an iconic festival' says Mark Knight

'Coloursfest is an iconic festival' says Mark Knight
'Coloursfest is an iconic festival' says Mark Knight

English producer and label owner Mark Knight caught up with Justin Tait and revealed how he is already looking forward to polishing off his album and playing it in front of the 'bonkers' Scottish crowd next year...

How do the Scottish crowds compare with everywhere else?

Everywhere is different you know, but the underlying fact is that everyone loves dance music. In Holland you can tell by the amount of events they have that they are a lot more reserved, compared with Scotland where they are absolutely bonkers. It’s just about understanding that every crowd reacts differently to what you play.

Do you think events such as Coloursfest are important for local clubbing?

Coloursfest in particular is a big point in the dance calendar and a real iconic festival. It really promotes Glasgow and it will always influence new promotions and new clubbers which keeps the scene fresh.

What are you up to in the studio?

Loads of various projects. At the moment a lot of pop stuff. Obviously now that dance music is now massively influenced by pop music, especially in America, it is bringing in really interesting projects. I’m also working on a new single and an album which I’ll hopefully be able to play it at Coloursfest and all my live shows next year.

Are you planning any more colloborations?

Nothing specific at the moment but there are loads of people I would love to work with. I would really like to mix it up a bit in terms of styles.

Any Ibiza plans?

Yeah it is going to take up a large amount of my time this Summer. I’ve got around 20 shows, mainly in Space on a Wednesday. It has so many dimensions so I’m really looking forward to getting out there!

Thanks for your time Mark, come back soon!



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