Full on Ferry docks on Scottish shores and rocks the 02 Academy

Full on Ferry docks on Scottish shores and rocks the 02 Academy
Full on Ferry docks on Scottish shores and rocks the 02 Academy

Colours presented Ferry Corsten’s world famous Full on Ferry show in Glasgow on Saturday, much to the delight of trance enthusiasts packed in to the Eglinton Street venue.

The dynamic Dutchman teamed up with compatriot Bart Claessen, Egyptian duo Aly & Fila and local DJ’s William Daniel and David Forbes to produce a mesmerising show under the strobe lights.

Very much a pioneer of trance, Corsten continues to blaze a trail in the electronic scene and his recent album release WKND plays host to a number of trademark tracks which engages both current fans and allows some nineties nostalgia for his older followers throughout the world.

On arrival we were treated to a tone-setting back to back performance from Glasgow DJ’s Daniel and Forbes, eloquently adding to the anticipation with a gradual build up of varied electronic tracks. The selection of Porter Robinson’s Language was gratefully received by myself and those who were (just about) on their feet on the dance floor.

The intensity of the duo’s set continued to grow as a vocal mix of Hearts Connected bellowed out the speakers. They then reverted to a more traditional trance tone which allowed an easy transition for Bart Claessen as he took to the stage.

The Dutch spinner opened up with a few fat drops which shook the life out of the O2 framework and the life in to the increasing crowd as the first echoes of that popular Glasgow chant reached the terracing.

Claessens showed his class as he diverged from a specific genre by throwing out different mixes of trance, house and even a few dubstep drops. Shortly after, Ferry Corsten announced his arrival on the scene by opening up with a melodic trance classic, lapped up by the now packed dance floor.

The Dutch duo teamed up for a 30 minute cameo, dropping a few big tunes from their elevated stage in to the grateful flailing arms of the raucous crowd below. The star of the show Corsten then went solo and rolled back the years with a series of trance trajectories, his enthusiasm only matched by the Colours contingent and the phenomenal LED lights and lasers provided by Unlimited Production.

Corsten treated the crowd to a series of tracks from his recently released album WKND, engrossing them in Live Forever which combines classic trance with the vocals of Aruna and the bouncy Brute, a massive collaboration with the legendary Armin Van Buuren.

Ferry Corsten then welcomed Aly & Fila for a final back-to-back set before they would see out the night in their own unique style. With the previous acts opening up various avenues of electronica, the Egyptians left the crowd in a state of trance with their keyboard laden arrangement.

The duo’s famous We Control the Sunlight venture with Jwaydan allowed the unrelenting crowd to sing along while adopting the traditional trance stance of arms spread wide in the air, a unique sight as the red lights and synths faded in to the night.

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