The Scotch Snap: Damon Albarn's commercial and singles reviews by cats!

So Damon Albarn has decided that all the crass commercialism at the Olympics is bad. He might be right, but what about selling a box-set of albums at £135 a pop?

Bret Michaels from Poison wants to make a big budget film version of his life. What does he mean by big budget? Are we talking Michael Bay here?

But what you really want to see is this week's music reviews, done by cats. The interwebz loves cats, don't they? 

Releases shown: Calvin Harris and Example - We'll be Coming Back (out now); Gym Class Heroes - The Fighter (out now); The Gza - Liquid Swords (special edition released August 6); Miniature Dinosaurs - Lemonade (released August 13).

*Musical note: the Scotch Snap technically consists of a stressed (ie on the beat) sixteenth note, or semiquaver, followed by a dotted eighth note or quaver. Usually dotted rythms have the longer note first; it is that reversal of expectation that makes the snap so distinctive. It is a key rhythmic signature of Scottish traditional music.

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