Triumphant return to Glasgow Green for Wet Wet Wet

It was a triumphant return to Glasgow Green for Scottish superstars Wet Wet Wet as fans from throughout the country flocked to see their heroes.

With committed fans queuing from 7am to get a coveted spot at the front of the 10,000 strong crowd, there was no questioning the dedication of the Wets following.

Many women who loved the Clydebank band as teenagers brought along their own teenagers to the Back in the Park gig, 25 years on from when the band first hit the big time.

Marti Pellow returned to the stage with Wet Wet Wet looking relaxed and at ease with band mates Tommy Cunningham, Graeme Clark, Graeme Duffin and Neil Mitchell.

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Ever the showman, Pellow wore aviator sunglasses and a trendy leather jacket as he opened with Don’t Want to Forgive Me Now. Singing into a mic adorned with a glitter saltire, of course.

Although 23 years older than when he last entertained crowds at Glasgow Green, the 47-year-old hadn’t lost his cheeky boyish grin and had the ladies swooning as the sun shone down on the packed park.

He flirted with the screaming fans, who lapped up his dancing during soul classics Get Ready by the Temptations and McFadden and Whitehead’s Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.

The singer said: “Come on Glasgow - it’s not raining! Glasgow, you’re looking gorgeous the night.

“We’re so happy to be here and we’re going to sing you the songs we love to sing. Thanks for coming out.”

The band kept those loveable songs coming, thrilling the bouncing crowd with Angel Eyes, Julia Says and Sweet Surrender in quick succession.

Women in the crowd were singing, hugging and swaying as no doubt memories of their idols, and indeed of their own lives, from the last 25 years came flooding back. The atmosphere was one of carefree abandon as fans surrendered willingly to the nostalgia – albeit wearing devil horns and bunny ears.

As the opening bars rang out to Wishing I Was Lucky, the single that catapulted the Wets to fame in 1987, the crowd went wild watching the pyrotechnic display and fans clambered onto the shoulders of taller friends to get a better look.

After whipping their fans into a frenzy, the band slowed things down with stripped back, acoustic renditions of I’ll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends, Gypsy Girl, American Pie and Songbird.

The true soulful tone of Pellow’s voice was gloriously evident during this segment, supported by Graeme and Graeme on guitars.

Although enjoyable, I was disappointed to note the amount of covers performed – We’re Jammin’ by Bob Marley also featured on the night – when the Wets have a substantial back catalogue containing more than 25 hits and countless well loved album tracks.

It has to be said that Pellow relished every line of his trademark tune Temptation - holding the opening ‘Gimmie…’ note for an impressively long time. And then encouraging the rather merry audience to do the same.

After holding back on the traditional high notes in Sweet Surrender and Somewhere Somehow, to hear the singer’s signature vocal talent was a relief and stimulated a round of hearty applause.

The interaction with audience was top notch and Pellow’s classic ‘Glasgae banter’ had the crowd in stitches. Well, those who could hear him. Sound was a major issue for fans standing to either side of the stage with many shouting out ‘turn it up!’ at intervals throughout the gig.

The highlight of the night for me was Goodnight Girl.

“You hear me so clearly…” And, for this track, we did. The audience was (relatively) silent as the lights dimmed and Pellow’s voice rang out throughout the park.

He soon shared the mic with each band member in turn as they took their chance to shine.

Clark, as well as singing a solo, shouted: “I love you Glasgow!” before Duffin took over and hit some astoundingly high notes during his spotlight.

Keyboard player Mitchell had some playful banter with the audience before drummer Cunningham choose to sing some of Status Quo’s Rocking All Over The World – much to the delight of the sing-a-long loving audience.

It was a perfect example of how well the band works together to still hold a prominent place in the hearts of thousands of their Goodnight (Glasgow) Girls.

Sweet Little Mysteries 

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