M83: Much more than Made In Chelsea

M83: Own Edinburgh, nevermind the sky.
M83: Own Edinburgh, nevermind the sky.

With a synth fanfare growing from the stage of Edinburgh's HMV Picture House, a figure in an animal mask and claws stood illuminated in strip strobe lighting for the French masters of shoegaze, M83. Contrary to their last Glasgow show which sold-out rapidly, there were still tickets available for this evening's gig, but that was to be no reflection on the quality of the show which was delivered to Scotland's capital.

Layering synths with solar system lighting, Anthony Gonzalez and his band quickly had the crowd submerged in their signature sound with Intro from their latest release, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, their delivery vehicle to the mainstream. With synths and samplers almost stacked onstage in their numbers, the band have enough equipment to get Jean Michel Jarre green.

Teen Angst powered the set on with the thudding kick drum and rapid tom fills that catalyse many of M83's daydreams into dance parties. Their glorious soundscapes were further enhanced by bass and guitar live, amongst the vast electronic haze, as Gonzalez revealed the band are massive Mogwai fans... Wait a minute - ridiculously long instrumentals that should come with an ordinance survey map, and which are more dynamic than the a slasher movie soundtrack, from anticipation to the kill - it all makes sense now.

Regardless of their latest album increasing their fanbase exponentially, M83 steered clear from an obvious set, and covered their career so far, which exceeds a decade. With masterful energy and charisma conjured up from the stage, the band are the epitome of cool, (those French guys really are ahead of the game), and they're so good at it that they don't even realise.

An apocalyptic We Own The Sky, showed off the vocal talents of  keyboardist, Morgan Kibby, the dark bass of the track shaking the venue beneath the characteristic male/female vocal octaves, to mix beauty with a beast.

After a brief moment of departure from the delicate Wait, and the avenging bass grimace of Fall, (their take on Tron), the track which a lot of their newer fans were waiting for appeared. The soundtrack to Made In Chelsea, and their biggest hit to date, Midnight City, was gratefully received by the crowd,  injecting a bigger spring on their bounce, and featuring a blistering sax solo to correct any questionable doubt to really go for it. Lisa Simpson herself couldn't have created that reaction.

From the predator introduction of A Guitar And A Heart, to the dramatic white noise and rampant percussion of Couleurs, M83's encore was served as their very own post-show club, where it was time for the electronica to really get aggressive.

With fans leaving satisfied, and new fans given an education on what M83 are really all about - and that's something quite far removed from Made In Chelsea - shoegaze has never tasted quite so sweet, even if it's a little salty too from all that dancing.

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