Dolly Parton: "I wish I could return to Scotland tomorrow"

Dolly Parton’s musical 9 to 5 will hit Scotland later this year, promising a show full of hilarious gags, upbeat music and a true story of girl power.

The country singer has huge affection for the country, having played tours here a number of times, so it’s no surprise the musical - which she wrote the lyrics and music for - is making a stop in both Glasgow and Edinburgh this November, as part of the UK tour.

And Dolly told STV’s John MacKay that she can’t wait to make another return to Scotland herself.  “I don’t know when I’ll be back in Scotland but I wish it could be tomorrow because I love it,” the star said.

“We had a wonderfully successful tour there and have had the last three or four years we’ve been coming over, and the last tour was very successful. We had a great time in Scotland, so thank you for loving me there, and I love you.”

As well as having a great affection for the country, Dolly revealed Scotland has had a strong influence on her music too, particularly her more recent work.

“My Scottish and Irish heritage, I draw from that because that’s the music I heard when I was young, all those great songs that really deal with the emotions.”

Discussing her more recent foray into the bluegrass genre, Dolly continued: “Bluegrass is an American style of music, and I’ve got a lot of critical acclaim for the albums that I’ve done, the bluegrass stuff and the mountain stuff I do.

“That is my favourite music, but you can’t make any money from it so I had to expand and do other things and I’m glad I’ve had an opportunity to do all sorts of things.”

Dolly has enjoyed a hugely successful music career, selling an estimated 100 million albums around the globe, and explained what she thinks the secret to her longevity in the industry is.

“I think people related to me, I think they feel themselves in me. I’m just a country girl.” The bubbly star added: “They sense what I feel and I tend to write the kind of songs people relate to…

“People relate to my story of being brought up poor and just relating to every day problems as a woman and as a human being.”

In addition to her success in music, the star has also enjoyed a prosperous film and TV career. You could be forgiven that thinking Dolly might want to put her feet up and enjoy her success - but she has no plans to slow down, and revealed to STV exactly what she’s got up her sleeve next.

“There’s lots of new things I want to do. I hope to have a children’s show one day, I’d like to have a fun, great show for kids. And I’m writing my life story as a musical, which I thought would be a wonderful way to tell my story since I’m all about music and I love that.

“And so I’m doing that, and I have new dreams all the time, so I never know from one day to the next what new dream might come up, and I think ‘oh I’ll do that’. So I’m always dreaming and always working, I’m always enjoying it, I just take what comes and whatever God throws at me I try to take it home.“


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