Scotch Snap: our weekly look from Scotland at the world of music

This week we've seen Tupac Shakur return from beyond the grave. I've read too much of The Walking Dead to rest easy after that.

Jason Mraz has a happy place, John Lydon misses the point and we take a gander at some new releases too. With sexy results.

Releases reviewed: David Guetta and Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On (out now); Jack White - Love Interruption (from Blunderbuss, out now); Pulled Apart By Horses - Wolf Hands (out now); Holy Mountain - Gunner (from the mini-album Earth Measure, released 7th May).

*Musical note: the Scotch Snap technically consists of a stressed (ie on the beat) sixteenth note, or semiquaver, followed by a dotted eighth note or quaver. Usually dotted rythms have the longer note first; it is that reversal of expectation that makes the snap so distinctive.  It is a key rhythmic signature of Scottish traditional music.

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