RockNess 2011: all the STV reviews

Nothing but the Ness: Paolo Nutini was Sunday night headliner
Nothing but the Ness: Paolo Nutini was Sunday night headliner© Dave Taylor

Ah, it’s all over for another year, can you believe it? Well, quite probably if you’re still dealing with the hangover from the weekend. was there to see all the top bands, plus to try and find rate some of the acts you’re bound to be hearing more about in the years to come.

Who stood out? Who should have stood down? Find out with the following reviews, not ranked in any particular order of awesomeness, meaning that you should simply click on them all to find out what was what:

Paolo Nutini lands Sunny Side up at RockNess - “Around then a thought occurs: imagine how much better it might be if every person was able to afford their very own pocket-sized Paolo, someone able to mumble some sage if oblique observations before serenading your soul with something to lift your spirits immeasurably.”

Kasabian unleash Velociraptor at RockNess - “A more sedate crowd than the usual Kasabian onslaught, the debauchery of Empire puts fans back into more expected motion. Enthused further, Vlad The Impaler sent them headless, much like the decapitating antics of Noel Fielding at their NME Awards Show performance last year.”

Chemical Brothers find right mix at RockNess – “It's like welcoming old friends - even if they've only actually  been once before - to see The Chemical Brothers bobbing about amongst a sea of electronic gadgetry on the RockNess main stage.”

Glasvegas keep the heart of RockNess heavy - “Introducing a song about "social class and working realism," the Glasvegas ethic very much seems to be set in stone regardless of their success or wealth. This is confirmed in their manner when the continuation of the quiet crowd leads to frustrations in the frontman who challenges them, "Name a song and I'll f***ing sing it. Patsy Cline?"”

Beardyman beatboxes all and sundry at RockNess - “It puts other DJs to shame: actually, it puts all other musicians to shame, and even more so the lazy audience, who only have to nod their heads, perhaps jiggle along a bit and blithely comprehend such free-flowing genius.”

Vintage Trouble provide stylish start to RockNess Sunday - “There's a grooving garage strut in the band for their first number before vocalist Ty Taylor takes centre stage, and what a frontman he is, dancing and spinning and imbuing RockNess with the very spirit of rock 'n' roll, a retro blast back to the time when the primary aim of the show was to get those feet moving and those hips shaking in the audience.”

Frightened Rabbit find fervour at RockNess  - “Heads Roll Off is dedicated a little bit to Jesus, and it makes believers (of a sort) of everyone huddled in this sizeable tent in the Highlands, the vocals echoed by fans and fists shooting into the air to greet this most sincere of religiously themed anthems.”

Boys Noize toasts RockNess with some sweet Lemonade - “As the assault lessens, I prepare to be attacked with another bludgeon of bass at an unexpected moment, but darkness descends to accompany a new silence and I remain clenched in anticipation for the arsenal of noise about to be thrown at us.”

Katy B dub be good to RockNess as sun comes out - “It's not ground-breaking stuff for the most part but it is a lot of fun, with Katy B remarkably assured for such a young artist, and the crowd lap it up.”

DJ Shadow steps into limelight at RockNess - “First taking a bow before the attendant audience, the Californian stepped up from behind into a giant orb to begin his set, as you do. Compelling and fractured beats prowled forth from the speakers, bespoke visuals making the orb appear more like a capsule darting off into orbit. It's a hell of an entrance.”

Groove Armada and Jackmaster bring RockNess Friday to finish – “Thought perfectly appropriate as headliners for the Golden Voice Arena, there was a little something lacking, a cookie-cutter festival act element air of mere adequacy made all the more clear after leaving there to catch some of Jackmaster's DJ set at the Sub Club Soundsystem Tent.”

Ms Dynamite adds sparkle to RockNess - “Instead of a gentle wake-up call this is a rather unexpected rude awakening, in the best possible way.”

The Japanese Popstars Let Go at RockNess - “Nevermind fruit shakes and 5-a-day, we appear to have found the perfect hangover cure for fatigued festival-goers. RockNess presents The Japanese Popstars....”

Broken Records and Sons and Daughters provide Scottish suss - “Broken Records wasted no time in filling the tent with their majestic sounds, bound for at least a while to bear comparisons to Arcade Fire thanks to their propensity for folk-tinged fist-pumping anthems bolstered by violins, horns and other ornate instrumental touches.”

RockNess party is led by Example - “Elliot Gleave seems to have the knack for writing mind-numbing vocal hooks to top big productions of banging sound incorporating familiar elements of trance, house, drum and bass and dub.”

Magnetic Man bring Dynamite to RockNess - “We placed our bets on Miss Katy B after her performance yesterday and collaboration on Perfect Stranger, but quite early into the set this was foiled when the ever-enthusiastic Miss Dynamite was released back into the wild. (Tee-hee!)”

RockNess revels in gloom of The Twilight Sad - “Where better to drunkenly revel in our almost superhuman national capacity for carthartic outpourings of misery, finding yourself  afterwards warmly embraced by the freedoms of letting your soul fly free?”

The Cribs are alright - “Calamity absent on stage tonight is taken on by the restless crowd that come and go at all sorts of levels of zombification, using their lit cigarettes as weapons.”

Fake Blood gets RockNess raucous - “At just the right moment bigger bass than before ploughs through the arena to lash into the faces of the crowd, who are thrown around as though in stormy waters.”

Simian Mobile Disco find the beat at RockNess - “Hustler is a joy as always, an ecstatic emphasis on the low end, before a Plastikman-style rhymic segment crosses over into a veering wall of buzzsaw instrumentation, SMD taking a bow before carrying on with the Beth Ditto-sampling Cruel Intentions, another prime moment for a singalong.”

Nero fiddles as RockNess heats up for Friday start - “It’s the early evening of the (this year expanded) RockNess Friday line-up, and Nero have already provided an instant highlight with their fluid fusion of dubstep, trance, metal and whatever else happens to be in the record collection at the time.”

Two Door Cinema Club bounce open the doors to RockNess - “A reliable performance that could host a Skins party to write home about (or perhaps not with those hedonistic teenage antics), it’s angsty single What You Know which has youth running down the grassy slope  to the Main Stage like the event notification’s just been received via Facebook.”

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