Susan Boyle set for special Moment with Donny Osmond in Glasgow

Susan Boyle thrilled fans who turned up to watch Donny and Marie Osmond perform on Sunday at London’s O2 Arena, as she took to the stage to sing a duet with her hero.

The former Britain’s Got Talent star has made no secret of the fact she adores Donny and she was delighted to record two tracks with the singer for her album, Standing Ovation, last year.

Now, Susan is set to see another dream come true as she takes to the stage with Donny in Scotland, at Glasgow’s SECC.

Playing to the home crowd has always been a joy for Susan but doing so alongside someone she greatly admires, and has done since she was in her teens, makes it even more special.

Donny is just as pleased to have Susan as his special guest. He told the Evening Times: "Since we recorded together last year, my regard for her has only grown and I'm looking forward to performing with her in two cities that mean so much to both of us and our careers.

“The show is already jammed, and what could be a better addition than Susan Boyle?"

Ahead of Standing Ovation’s release, Susan spoke of the moment she found out Donny Osmond had agreed to record All I Ask of You and This is the Moment with her.

The Blackburn belter said: “Well I didn’t believe it at first. I thought they were pulling my leg! ‘Yeah, yeah,’ I remember saying, but when I met him for the first time in the recording studio it became a different story! I was so excited!”

The pair bonded over their cheeky sense of humour, and Susan explained: “Donny has an outrageous sense of humour and was great fun to work with. He was a pleasure to work with, for someone who’s been in the industry for 50 years, since he was a wee boy. I couldn’t believe how down to earth he was. Totally professional, he taught me some great things in the studio and I was honoured to be working with my childhood idol. In fact I was a little nervous to be performing with him.

“I didn’t think for a second I was good enough to be performing alongside someone of Donny’s calibre. He’s a legend and well I only see myself as semi-professional these days so it felt a tad odd being with him in the studio.”

As Susan took to the stage on Sunday – she was far from ‘semi-professional’. Scotland can’ t wait to welcome you home, Susan.

Check out our interview with Susan, when Standing Ovation was released, in the player above.

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