The Wanted hit Scotland and release their debut album

The Wanted were formed in 2009 and shortly afterwards they began working on their debut album. It wasn’t long before the young group had amassed a loyal fanbase desperate to get their hands on the band members and their catchy pop tunes.

The band, made up of Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaren, Maximillian “Max” Alberto George, James “Jay” Maguire and Nathan James Sykes, have made several public appearances, leading to mass hysteria. Their debut song, ‘All Time Low’, hit the number one spot in the UK singles chart during the summer on its first week of release. The phenomenal song has now been in the UK top 40 for 11 weeks.

 “We’ve literally been working on the album and promoting it for the last three or four months,” Tom said. “It’s been non-stop but we’re loving every minute of it."

The group were formed through a mass audition which aimed to put together five talented individuals from the UK and Ireland to start a new boy band. Jay told The Hour: “Siva is from Ireland and the rest of us are from different parts of England. We didn’t know each other beforehand but when we first got together, Max and Tom had conversations about all these people that they knew because they went to the same school.”

The group have a legion of female fans who go crazy every time they see the boys. “We have a really good relationship with them,” said Nathan. We do a lot of Twittering and Facebooking and talk to them a lot so when they see us they give us the reaction that we would like to have.”

The Scottish fans in particular get very excited, and as Siva is the only one with a girlfriend, it is easy to understand why. “I think it’s better to be single,” Max said cheekily.

Nathan gets the most fan mail out of the group and Jay gets a lot of gifts. There isn’t a specific leader, but as Jay is only 17, he is the only one who can’t have a drink. Jay said: “Sometimes if we’ve all been to the pub just for a few Nathan will be the leader the following day because he can’t go to the pub.”

The boys would like to duet with Eminem and all have different taste in women. When asked which celebrity females they liked, Jay said Holly Vallance, Siva went for Jessica Alba, Tom chose Kim Kardashian and Nathan liked Cheryl Cole. Max chose the band’s manager.

The Wanted’s new single, ‘Heart Vacancy’, was released on October 17 and their debut album ‘The Wanted’ went on sale on October 25. Tickets for the band’s tour will go on sale in the near future. Check their website for dates, venues and prices.

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