Sean Kennedy – a Scottish singer-songwriter Drifting towards stardom?

Sean Kennedy already has superstar supporters such as Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor, and is already working with the likes of Nik Kershaw, even before he’s released an album.

Having just released debut EP Love Don't Live Here, STV caught up with the singer-songwriter from Irvine to find out more about his career to date – and what the young talent has in store for us in the future.

Tell us about the recording for the video Drifting

The video for Drifting was shot by Life Up Productions from Glasgow – the guys were great to work with, and have a bright future.

I chose this song because it set a picture in my head straight away, and it seemed like the best song to fit a storyline around it.

What was it that got you into song-writing?

Long story short, I was recovering from a few knee operations and – while recuperating on crutches – I decided to try recording some cover songs in the studio.

One thing led to another and I attempted song-writing. I was very influenced by the American artist John Mayer, whose song-writing, I think, is so intelligent, different – and was at the time something I related to. His choice of melody is brilliant!!

I grew up listening to Crowded House, Big Country, The Silencers, Bryan Adams, Danny Wilson, Prince, Bonnie Raitt... all different types of genres and songwriters.

What's your connection to Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor - and how did you first meet?

I went out to Ibiza to do some busking, which I thought would be very interesting, given that the place is heavily influenced in dance music.

While I was there I stayed at Sonic Vista Studios, which is probably the best studio to be recording at in the island, so you can imagine attracts some big names.

Swedish house mafia were recording while i was there, but the place has had acts such as Lady GaGa and 50 Cent.

So my first day at the studio I'm sitting having breakfast in the kitchen and who walks in but Andy Taylor – a pretty surreal moment. Then he just started chatting away.

He asked a few questions over the time I stayed at the studio, and asked for a listen to my songs.

We sat in the studio listening together, and I saw his foot tapping which I thought ‘yep, this is a good thing’. He was really impressed with what he heard and invited me back a few weeks later to record one of my songs with him, which was just an amazing experience.

We still keep in touch through email – and any advice I need it’s never a problem to ask him.

Tell us about the recording of debut EP Love Don't Live Here

I started recording these songs in 2011, along with many more which you will get to hear soon.

I recorded at Riverside Studios in Busby, East Kilbride with Duncan Cameron, Konk Studios (Ray Davies – The Kinks) in London and also in the studio at home. I named the EP Love Don't Live Here after the song I had written which seems to be everyone’s favourite.

I thought it was only fair to release it for everyone to have. On the EP are three full band tracks and two acoustic tracks – I thought having two live acoustic tracks can really let you hear just myself and guitar.

How excited are you to get it out there?

Yeah, I'm very excited, looking forward to getting out to as many places as possible!

I would just love it to be heard by the right people. It's a very cool feeling seeing yourself on iTunes, and also holding the hard copy of your very own CD.

You've been on quite a few travels this year - what's been the highlight of your year so far?

Performing at the Olympics was an amazing experience, but it has to be my EP launch at Oran Mor on October 20.

It was unbelievable as I didn't expect that amount of people to turn up on the night, it was pretty special.

Is there any collaborators on the horizon that you're looking forward to working with?

I'm looking forward to getting together again with Nik Kershaw, we worked at the start of the year and wrote a great song together – so it will be another great experience to work together again.

Hopefully there will also be a writing session with Paul Carrack (Mike and the Mechanics) – we were supposed to get together before but were both busy at the time.

And, finally, what else do you have on your plate at the moment?

I'm going to promote the EP as much as I can, try and gain as much exposure as possible, then just continue to write songs, looking towards an album in the future.