Melanie Masson sings Janis Joplin - again!

Go on, take it, take another little piece of my heart now, baby, 'cos it makes me feel good

You may never have heard of Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns but it was the two of them that wrote one of the best blues and soul songs ever in this 1967 classic, originally recorded, believe it not, by Aretha Franklin's big sister, Erma.

Dusty Springfield had a go too, but it wasn't until Janis Joplin, singing with Big Brother and the Holding Company, covered the song in 1968, in an arrangement that Franklin later said she didn't even recognise at first, that everybody saw it for the classic that it was.

It's a similar story to the way Robert Flack, speaking of great soul singers, made a soul song out of Euan McColl's tender tribute this wife, The First Time Ever I Saw your Face.

The song has since been remade by several singers, including hit versions by Faith Hill in 1994 and Melissa Etheridge in 2005 and our own Beverly Knight. But when Melanie Masson came into the STV studios in Glasgow with just two guitarists, Gordon Dougall and Andy Haldane, to do her version, she almost brought the entire office to a standstill.

In a separate interview, she revealed that singers such as Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and other giants of soul had been her inspiration from childhood.

It was another song associated with Janis that Melanie sang at her first X Factor audition, Cry Baby, with her soulful voice reducing Gary Barlow to speechlessness.

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