Scissor Sisters turn ceilidhs into kikis

Scissor Sisters
Scissor Sisters: Immerse yourself in the madness

It looked like a lot of Glasgow had taken their mamma out last night, perhaps swapping cheap champagne for Buckfast, as Scissor Sisters hit town, for the first of two nights at the city's much-loved Barrowlands.

With the flamboyant and well-fuelled mob ready to have it large, light up headdresses, false eye lashes and feather boas were only scratching the surface of the costume stakes, as the crowd welcomed the New Yorkers with their own extravagant attire - style was most certainly not the correct word to use here.

Taking to the stage one at a time with growing applause, Scissor Sisters mascots, and main icons, Jake Shears, and Ana Matronic were the iced figurines at the top of the cheese cake. Looking like Mattel gone wild, the duo appeared as if they'd just escaped their packaging. Both equally immaculate to start, Shears sported an exotic parrot print tracksuit with moon boots, whilst the flame-haired Ms Matronic kept 1950's glamour cool, looking like she'd arrived for a Saturday night at the Barrrowlands Ballroom sixty years too late.

Sending a disco fever round the room, Any Which Way started the writhing and jiving, with Shears soon drenched in sweat as he darted around the stage with bulging pug eyes, keeping his expression constantly crazed. With the whole band conducting their performance with finesse, Scissor Sisters have the cut the crap and dropped the props, but their over-sized personalities serve a slick show without the tack.

A sultry Kiss You Off pushed the surprisingly 38-year-old lady of the house to take the lead, something shared easily with Shears, who returned to centre stage as the sister, sister duo revisited their debut album with Take Your Mama Out- still failing to grow old with the mixed Glasgow mob who provided lung-rattling backing vocals.

With cartoon facial expressions, and bold bedroom dance moves, the comedy partnership of Shears and Matronic entertained from start to finish. The duo are all about fun, ditching Will and Grace for something along the lines of Jack and Grace, Ana Matronic remaining level-headed, and a natural hostess, constantly injecting the fun-factor into the crowd, whilst attention-adoring Shears flexes his muscles and flashes his torso at the clunk of a cowbell.

Bringing samba grooves to the weather-beaten crowd, the marvellous Let's Have A Kiki had the two backing vocalists involved in a group dance routine, the shoulder shaking track brightening up any rainy day as you find yourself accidentally shaking an ass cheek or two, until you could serve as Beyonce's stunt double, give or take a few implants.

After a quick costume change into bomber jacket and shorts, whilst Ms Matronic took the lead on a Nine Inch Nailsesque, sexually charged Skin This Cat, Shears soon got his Daniel Craig on, lapping up the attention as the bomber jacket was ditched. Rapping into new album track, Shady Love, which features Azealia Banks on record, the song is a clear-favourite, although it remains unreleased for unknown reasons. Combining dance-rap with disco, the volatile mixture sounds like it could be ridiculous, but it works, firing up the crowd as the helium high vocals and non-stop dance party near an end.

An encore had Matronic serving as the disco ball in a mirrored dress, although she was soon upstage by Shears, in sheer trousers which sent excitable shrieks around the room, rather than shimmers. Blast from the past Laura led to Calvin Harris produced Only The Horses, for an anthemic sing-a-long to accompany all the melodramatic moves that the crowd had left over.

Doing it all over again in Glasgow tonight, Scissor Sisters provide more than a Magic Hour, with talent to match their fun factor, for some hot pop escapism.

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