Matt Cardle talks putting heart and soul into It’s Only Love and The Fire

Matt Cardle opened up to about how proud he is of his second album The Fire, the follow up to his platinum-selling debut Letters.

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter has signed with a new label, SO What? after starting out with Sony/Columbia and it’s a move that he says has given him much more control over the type of music he makes.

Explaining what fans can expect from The Fire, he told’s Gill Harvey: “We kind of got led by the music rather than the other way round. With this album what I wanted to do was much of the instrumentation myself as I could, I do play drums and the piano as well as the guitars, so I wanted to do as much of it myself – the more I put in this side of me the more I get out the other side.

“We just let the music do its thing and I’m really, really happy with it. It’s a lot more uplifting this album, more upbeat. But it’s [also] quite melancholy because a lot of the content isn’t the happiest but it doesn’t come across that way.”

It’s Only Love is the lead single off the album and Matt thinks it’s got that special je ne sais quoi to make it a hit.

“It’s one of the last tracks, if not the last track, I wrote on the album, and we were still trying to track down that song that you know on first listen you think ‘yeah that’s the one we go for’.”

But putting so much of his heart and soul into the second album wasn’t always an easy process, as Matt explained.

“I think the pressure finally went for me, I sat in the studio and I started the track and a guy called Paul Statham came to the studio and we finished it off together. It’s got big vocals, big drums and a bit of an 80s feel about it, but we weren’t deterred by that and we ran with it. I think it’s come out really well.”

Matt added: “There’s this saying you can be too close to something and I think at times I did get too close to the record – I was writing it and recording all the instruments. And the mixing stage is really difficult because you’re really pulling it apart and putting it together again, and you’re hearing little bits of the song over and over again, and you get a bit sick of it.

“It’s a bit hard to then take a step back from it and look at it from a distance and be like ‘okay, we have got it right’ because I was inside the thing. But I know we’ve got it right.”

It’s Only Love and The Fire are both being released on October 29.

Check out Matt’s full acoustic performance of It’s Only Love which he performed exclusively for STV.

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